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SILS with EndoTAIX

multiole adjustments and fixation in 20ms

The EndoTAIX was designed for the positioning and holding of rigid endoscopes (with and without camera) and e.g.endoscopic equipment, usable for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Used as a surgical assistance system for endoscopic, minimally invasive surgery (MIS), it improves the efficiency of the OR Team and the staff and the patient can all benefit from improved working conditions. The System will ensure a reliable and stable position of the camera. The surgeon can benefit from completely stable images. EndoTAIX is about 20 times faster than any other known system and is not a robot. A fixation time of only 20 milliseconds enables very rapid intraoperative repositioning of the endoscope.

The system is maintenance free and noiseless. The system is usually amortised within the first 12 months of surgical ussage.
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