Scandinavian Health Ltd.

SHL: A Gateway to Asia-based High Quality OEM / ODM Manufacturing

SHL: A Gateway to Asia-based High Quality OEM / ODM Manufacturing
(1st time exhibitor at MEDICA in Dusseldorf)

Scandinavian Health Ltd. (SHL), a western managed company with manufacturing in Taiwan and China, provides its US and European customers with a gateway to Asia-based high quality manufacturing. SHL is quickly developing a worldwide reputation for its outstanding quality systems, ISO 13485, and OEM / ODM manufacturing excellence. Now, SHL is very excited to be exhibiting at MEDICA in Düsseldorf for the very first time, November 16 – 19th, Hall 16 Booth B21.

Founded by Swedish entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson in 1989, SHL currently consists of 3 distinct group companies: SHL Medical, SHL Technologies and SHL Pertinax. These group companies have established themselves as leaders in the development and manufacturing of high-end drug delivery devices, industrial & consumer products, and hospital & home health care equipment. The group makes a broad variety of products including: drug delivery systems such as Autoinjectors, patient lifting slings, alternating pressure mattress systems, medical devices and much more.

SHL works very closely with customers. “Over the years SHL has developed an excellent working relationship with our customers”, noted President Roger Samuelsson. “To them SHL stands for unparalleled quality and reliability, which is not necessarily so easy to find in Asia”, he continued.

Now, with modern and rapidly expanding manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, R&D centers in Sweden, Taiwan and the U.S.A., and regional offices throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, SHL is poised to become a more dominant global player. SHL Medical, in particular, has established itself as one of the top players in the ODM/OEM drug delivery device market working with renowned firms such as Amgen, BD, and Pfizer.

“Our customers are very important to us, therefore maintaining the highest quality standards is absolutely vital to us as an ODM/OEM manufacturer” according to Mr. Frank Isaksson, General Manager of SHL. In addition, SHL’s GM stated, “Taiwan’s strong infrastructure, excellent workforce and network of suppliers has also been an important contributor to our success with our customers”. Now through project management excellence, solid design capabilities, combined with high-tech manufacturing, SHL’s theme of “OEM/ODM Excellence in Asia” rings true as the organization consistently provides superior products which are affordable.

Mr. Samuelsson closed by stating, "SHL has positioned itself to become a gateway for North American and European companies to access manufacturing in Asia without sacrificing quality. We are really looking forward to exhibiting at important tradeshows such as Medica. Our team of more than 10 staff at Medica will be meeting our potential customers and finding out how we can help them to manufacture high quality products which are affordable.”

About Scandinavian Health Ltd. (SHL):

Scandinavian Health Ltd. (SHL), and its related group companies, focus primarily on the development and manufacturing high-end drug delivery devices, industrial & consumer products, and hospital & home health care equipment in Asia for the global market.