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Schiller Medizintechnik GmbH

SEMAweb, enabling universal access to diagnostic recordings

The SEMA-200 data management solution, with its comprehensive management, analysis and archiving functions for diagnostic recordings, is now available with the browser interface module SEMAweb.

SEMAweb is an add-on module which complements new or existing SEMA-200 installations enabling universal access to up-to-date diagnostic recordings within your entire organization and beyond. It allows your recordings to be immediately retrieved, viewed and printed from any PC equipped only with a standard Internet browser and connection to your secured network.

• Universal password-secured access to recordings throughout your organization and beyond
• Seamless integration with SEMA-200’s user management and audit trails
• Search functions for quick and easy access to patient information
• Just-in-time server side generation of PDF reports provides instant access to up-to-date information
• Client side print-out of data and curves in diagnostic quality on any office printer
• Familiar user interface, including the intuitive index tabs of SEMA-200, meaning shorter learning curves
• No SCHILLER specific client side software required, which results in a single point of administration and maintenance

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