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SCHÖLLY Offers Solutions for Additional Illumination of Application Fields

Glass fibers are moldable according to need, and with a diameter of less than 3 mm, can be built in small products such as retractors, surgical instruments, trocars or specula, making it possible to develop lightning instruments or light cannulas. This offers an optimized view to the operating field due to in-depth illumination.

Glass fibers are often used for areas where only small diameters are available and/or when a high light intensity is necessary. With these “moldable light pointers,” organs, adhesions, tumors etc. can be illuminated from a side that is typically difficult to access. Glass fibers are also used in light guides, light probes and fiber optics.

Do products where glass fibers and light transmission play a central role in your firm? We offer exclusive developments and perfectly tailored solutions, from engineering to a worldwide service concept.

SCHÖLLY - solutions in sight
The SCHÖLLY GROUP is a global engineering and manufacturing company, focusing on medical endoscopy products. Innovative strength and quality have taken center stage for the past 40 years of our company’s history, by visualizing the unseen through micro optics, fiber optics, electronics and software. Our advancements have made the inaccessible available for viewing or medical treatment.

At SCHÖLLY, we pride ourselves on continuous improvement, constantly making investments in advancement. The leading development in 3D-HD endoscopy, the exploration of further product ideas for chip-in-tip technology and the extension of applications of micro endoscopes from 0.35 mm in diameter are only some of our most important fields of activity. Find additional information at