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SAVUNA GmbH Sterisafe-Toolsafe

SAVUNA GmbH - Industry Award Best Of

Industry award 2012 – Best of

With our sterilisation containers Sterisafe® DURO A3 and A3plus, all-high performance plastic, we have been successful for the first time even in the world to establish a sterile barrier system for the sterilisation and storage of thermolabile flexible endoscopes in the plasma sterilisation in the form of a hard package.

Herewith we demonstrably reduce the down time and service costs for expensive instruments like thermolabile flexible endoscopes (economical benefit) and increase at the same time patient and user safety (cost-cutting in the health care = societal benefit).

With our innovative solutions we optimize existing modern processes as the plasma sterilisation (technical benefit) and offer an alternative to one-way-packages and to conventional low temperature processes as e.g. the sterilisation with ethylene oxide (ecological benefit).

Sterisafe®  DURO, translucent, high-impact, long-lasting, maintenance-free and safe.