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Rocialle invests to enhance patient safety

For a very good reason, X-ray detectable swabs should always be supplied in 'fives'. After a procedure, the surgical team will count the swabs to ensure that none remains within the patient. If, at the beginning of the operation, there had been six swabs rather than five, the sixth swab could remain inside the patient despite the surgical team having conducted its checks. Starting with four swabs rather than five can have consequences that are almost as serious, with the count resulting in another procedure for the patient in an attempt to locate the fifth swab.

Some hospital trusts asked for procedure packs to be supplied without swabs. However, this would mean that the efficiency benefits for which the packs were being introduced would not be maximised.

To solve this problem, Rocialle has invested in a 'check-weigher'. This machine is pre-programmed with the weights of the swabs and rejects any tied bundle of swabs that does not match the specified weight for a quantity of five.

By making a considerable investment in the machinery for this simple but effective solution, Rocialle has demonstrated its commitment to supporting its customers in their efforts to ensure patient safety.