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Bioservo Technolgies AB

Robotic SEM™ technology helps weakened muscles gain new strength

In Europe, North America and Japan alone, more than 50 million people are estimated to suffer from a weak hand due to illness, injury, stroke or old age. Until now, no real long-term solution has been available to ease their difficulties.

The SEM™ Glove is an innovative and user-friendly grip strengthening aid, based on the patented non-invasive SEM™ (Soft Extra Muscle) technology. The SEM™ Glove strengthens the grip and either compensates where power is lacking or adds extra force and endurance.

The SEM™ Glove consists of a glove and a lightweight power unit. The maximum power and the degree of strength added can be adjusted to suit the individual user, enabling the glove to be adapted for different needs.

About the company: Bioservo Technologies is a Swedish company dedicated to become a world-leading developer of wearable technologies based on soft robotics. The commitment is based on a true belief that this technology will change the lives for many people, enhancing their independence and quality-of-life. Our innovative solutions are already delivering future business opportunities and breakthrough technologies.

Bioservo Technologies has an experienced world-class team. We are extremely proud to have been top-ranked for our technological and innovative prowess in both Europe and in Sweden over the past 24 months.