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Battenberg Robotic GmbH & Co. KG

Robotic Measuring - Quality Testing and High Precision Surgery

The robotic measuring system constitutes the fulfillment of measurement, testing and movement functions through robotic sensors, image processors and the in-house developed robotic measuring software, RobFlow®.

On the area of robotic measuring Battenberg is a market-leader.
Over the years the robotic measuring has developed to a quality standard.
The system measures haptic, visual and acoustic qualities of control panels such as switches, knobs and key pads on medical technology equipment, such as syringe pumps and patient monitors.
Specific sensors, grippers or tactile tools are used to measure, evaluate and document characteristics such as force-displacement, torques and angles, offsets on surfaces, colour accuracy, etc.
Another area of application is the possibility to perform a surgery with the support of navigation- and sensor-controlled robot movements. In combination with a 6-dimensional force- and torque-sensor surgeries can get performed with high precision.

A robotic measuring system consists the following system components:
robot, sensor, software RobFlow, robot-base-desk (with 1 up to 3 testing stations), industrial PC, mobile rack for PC and controller. Optional we offer a special software named RobPoint. With this software it is absolutely easy to teach the robot positions intuitively and hand-guided.