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Rober supports Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is taking place on November 16th, 2017. Organised by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), its objective is to increase global understanding of pressure injury prevention through education. This week to help raise awareness, dynamic air mattress specialist Rober, has spoken to a few of its international partners to find out more.

“In Switzerland, the NoDec™ AIRSTREAM3 zero-pressure system is a widely used mattress replacement system for patients who at are very high risk of developing pressure injuries,” said Peter Schmidlin, Rober’s Swiss partner.

“This innovative system has shown to be very reliable over the past 15 years in providing constant pressure relief to patients. Caregivers can rely on its reliability, efficiency and longevity.”

Dimitra Theodorou, Rober’s Greek partner, added: “Pressure injury prevention and therapy is an issue in Greece also but what my customers like about Rober’s pressure ulcer prevention mattresses, is the transparent air cells. They can be seen and cleaned more easily, thus providing improved hygiene for patients. The rapid emergency CPR on the pump is also a great feature as it’s easy to find in cases of emergency.”

 Worldwide Pressure Injuries Prevention Day is a great way to help raise awareness of pressure injuries and through offering the right mattress prevention surface, as well as providing the right education; we can help prevent ulcers occurring.  

To find out more about pressure ulcer elimination visit Rober on the UK Pavilion, hall 16, stand G18-6.

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