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Obelis S.A., O.E.A.R.C.

Review of Contracts with Distributor in Reference to CE Regulation

After receiving many queries from non-EU manufacturers regarding contracts with European Distributors in reference to CE Marked products, Obelis has prepared a way to decide which route is best for your company. While local distributors can be helpful in circulating your product, they can also require you to sign contracts which can be detrimental to your success in Europe.

Dangers of Distributors

• A distributor may tell you that signing with him entitles him to exclusivity for your company. By law in the European Union, there is no such thing as exclusivity.
• Your contract may touch regulatory issues (such as CE Marking) - an aspect of your business a distributor should not be a part of – “For the benefit of the non-EU manufacturer, the distributor should be cleared from any regulatory affairs!”
• These contracts may also touch on general matters which may hurt the manufacturer in some way
In order to address these concerns, Obelis has decided to offer several service options to tailor to the individual needs of our clients and potential clients. We feel these services will allow us to offer protection for clients who are involved with distributors.

We can offer:

1. Contract review/report/analysis on a certain contract
2. Can re-write a contract
3. Give you a list of required elements in a contract to look for or an actual template

Please contact for further information and pricing.