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Retention Depends on “Convenience”

“Convenience” of facilities thus seems to play a major role in patient retention. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and The Barrett Center in Cincinnati. It included 303 current mammography patients, called "stayers", and 117 patients who no longer received mammography at the university-based center, called "leavers", said Mary C. Mahoney, Medical Doctor, lead author of the study.

The study showed that among the "leavers" 37 per cent cited convenience to home or work as the reason for leaving the university-based site and choosing a new mammography provider. Other reasons for leaving the university-based site included difficulty scheduling appointments (15 per cent); 14 per cent of those who left the university-based center indicated that their current mammography provider was mandated by their insurance provider.

According to the study, the "stayers" most frequently cited doctor or hospital referral (20 per cent) and the quality of care at the university-based site (19 per cent) as the reasons they chose to continue to have their mammograms there. When asked about the most positive factor regarding the patient's most recent visit, "stayers" most frequently cited friendliness of staff and technologists.

"As a result of this study, we have opened a free-standing patient-centered facility in a more convenient location, designed specifically for our screening mammography patients," said Mahoney.; Source: American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS)