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Response Medical Launches UK's First Manually Retractable Safety Needle

Response Medical, a leading UK healthcare supplier, today launched Surety™ Needle, a new retractable safety needle developed specifically to address the growing threat of needlestick injuries - the second most common cause of accidents to NHS staff.

Over 40,000 needlestick injuries are recorded in the UK every year , however the actual incidence is much higher as a significant number go unreported.

Accidental penetration of the skin with a contaminated needle exposes the victim to more than 20 different bloodborne infections including Hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV . The cost of needlestick injuries is estimated to be £500,000 per annum, to each NHS Trust.

Designed to be compatible with all commonly used syringes, the intuitive design of Surety™ Needle makes it easy to use, with minimal training required. It can be used for blood draw, intra muscular (IM) and intra venous (IV) injections. The ergonomically designed needle has been specifically designed for one-handed operation and, once retracted, is rendered permanently safe, as it cannot be reused. During operation, fingers do not go forward of the contaminated needle.

Matthew Root, Managing Director, Response Medical, said: “Needlestick injuries are the silent threat which haunt every ward and clinic up and down the country.

“Every 12 minutes, a healthcare worker suffers a needlestick injury, somewhere in the UK. They then have to spend anxious weeks worrying about whether they have contracted Hepatitis B, C, HIV or any one of more than 20 other bloodborne diseases. Just imagine being infected in the normal course of your work and returning home with a potentially life-threatening infection

“Since 1996, nine health workers have contracted HCV due to a needlestick injury

“Behind this human tragedy is also a significant financial cost – a combination of time off work, temporary staff cover, litigation and the now inevitable costs of compensation.

“Not providing safety needles is similar to a site manager neglecting to supply hard hats on a building site. But with Surety™ Needle healthcare employers can now safely exercise their duty of care towards employees.”

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