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Research in space for medical solutions on Earth

At this year’s MEDICA, on the joint booth of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), hall 3, booth C80, ISS Lab Ruhr GmbH is presenting the “Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr”, a project co-financed by the EU and supported by the Federal State of NRW. The Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr was set up to facilitate innovative companies, in particular from the Ruhr area, the access to the unique research opportunities under microgravity conditions, in order to optimise company specific products and processes as a result. From the development of new drugs through to telemedicine and diagnostics, the weightless environment offers new research opportunities. For example, in the case of astronauts, loss of muscle mass and bone density can be ascertained after just a very short time. Although this largely constitutes reversible physiological adaptation to the new environment, the changes resemble well-known aging processes on Earth. Because these changes appear very rapidly, medical issues can be examined in a “time lapse” and if appropriate countermeasures and therapies can be developed and tested.

In order to make access to space as simple as possible for companies, the Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr offers extensive expertise and support to potential customers during the entire project duration - from the initial project idea through to further project development. This means potential interested parties can concentrate on their core skills, while the Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr undertakes the coordination of project shares specific to spaceflight.

At MEDICA 2007 the Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr will report on industrial experiments in space. For example, a company consortium from NRW examined the impact of microgravity on the human skin, within the framework of the “SkinCare” experiment, on board the International Space Station (ISS). In addition, the Spaceflight Application Centre Ruhr will present further subject areas for commercial projects on board the ISS and alternative research platforms, such as parabolic flights or sounding rockets.

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