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KM Healthcare Corp.

Reliable Management System

Certified Quality Control System

 KM Healthcare Corp. maintains high quality control system by acquiring KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 13485(Medical device-Quality management systems-Requirements for regulatory purposes). KM Healthcare provides clean and safe products under the qualified system.


Strict Management of Clean room

 KM Healthcare took over all of KM's(parent company of KM Healthcare) know-how for sterile products in clean room, which has been recognized by KM's customers such as Samsung, LG, SK, Intel, etc. KM Healthcare provides purely clean medical products under the experienced management of the manufacturing process.


20 Years Know-how of Manufactuing

 KM Healthcare has 20 years know-how of manufacturing gowns and drapes. For convenient and reliable products, KM Healthcare has been introducing advanced facilities and constantly training workers.