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Released "SMB MediaTable smart TV for bedside infortainment system"

SMB Media Table Smart TV

Intelligent bedside table with 15.6” integrated Media Smart TV

Multiple Choice
- Provides patient TV, Internet, Entertainment, e-mail, Google
Player, U-tube, and Games

-Compatible for Bed Table, Tempered glass over Screen and touch screen lock system while using for Bed Table

-Fully infection controlled mechansim

User Friendly Interface
- Multi touch and virtual keyboard easily be used in bed
- Easy to use and control for young and old with 0~120 degree
Viewing Angle(Hinge and Spring controlled)
- 2 USB (for patient contents and manager upgrade)

SMB PatientCare Control Solution

SMB PatientCare communicates with customer Android application to perform remote control of SMB900. This application then determine what command needs to be executed. Certain commands (like Play Video, Stop Video, Launch App, Billing, Contents Management, viewing statistics, patient ordering, advertisement, hospital channels, etc.)

User Cognitive Function.
Tier (Bank) control; Channel, each Input (HDMI, USB, Composite, Apps. function)
Operating Tier (1, 2, 3, 4) be selected by OSD, IR, Serial Comm. Keypad or Network
Hospital, Clinic Application support; customer .apk, including Cloud Apps for practical Healthcare focused solution to common problems