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Sensovation AG

Real-time microscopy meets digital pathology

Sensovation announces the launch of a new and revolutionary microscope: The SensoScope® Brightfield is a fully integrated, digital real-time microscope for live examination of pathology samples. With computer controlled stage and focus drive, the advantages of conventional microscopy and the digital world are combined in one desktop instrument. Dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the pathologist’s workflow, SensoScope® offers an easy way of handling digital images in real time. The SensoScope® Brightfield bridges the gap between routine diagnosis and digital pathology, covering a wide range of applications:

  • Live viewing of pathology samples

  • Side-by-side comparison of slides and views

  • Interactive case sharing

  • Remote control

  • Flexible scanning options

The SensoScope®’s outstanding feature is the Live Microscopy Mode. As with a conventional microscope you can diagnose tissue-, cell- or smear-preparations directly on the screen. You always have the option to digitize and scan selected slides or regions of the specimen. Due to remote control possibilities, the SensoScope® is Telepathology compatible. It allows quick sharing of particular cases with colleagues in real-time and to hand over instrument control to remote colleagues.

Unlike high-capacity slide scanners, the SensoScope® allows immediate real-time visualization and diagnosis on the monitor. Workflow disruption by time-consuming scanning as well as the burden of huge amounts of data are avoided.

The Telepathology compatibility of the SensoScope® provides many advantages:

  • Consult, discuss and get second opinions while sharing the SensoScope®’s real-time images on your monitor.

  • Connect a projector or a large screen and share cases for review, e.g. for tumor boards or for education. Multi-head microscopes are not necessary anymore.

  • Use the high-resolution snapshots directly for presentations or present your samples remotely via live connection to your SensoScope®.

  • Desktop-based diagnosis of real-time microscope images is location-independent using the SensoScope®. Frozen sections can be remotely reviewed, simplifying the shift schedule of a hospital.

  • You can transfer microscope control to your colleagues via the Internet, making case review and discussion easy. Microscope images are immediately accessible in real-time. Sending slides by mail or transferring huge digital data sets is avoided.

  • Hospitals in sparsely populated areas have immediate access to a specialist’s opinion, enabling high medical standards in every part of the world.