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BALIMO - Advinova GmbH

Re-experience your moving with BALIMO

By constant regular sitting on general chairs, back aches and neck tensions have become a familiar companion for a lot of people. The innovative balance chair BALIMO, produced by ADVINOVA GmbH / D – Mettmann, offers a remedy.

BALIMO means BALance In MOtion. BALIMO has a patented ball-and-socket joint in the centre of the seat and thereby allows three-dimensional moves in all directions and straightens up the spine again. Lengthy sitting hinders the mobility and the muscular balance. Daily movement restrictions as well as stress often encourage these problems. Your physical well-being can be supported by various possibilities of moving. BALIMO enables active, healthy sitting, brings mobility in everyday life and can be used in all situations, where more moving in life is urgently needed. Survey results and clinical observations lead to the following conclusions:
By training with the BALIMO one achieves:
• strengthning of the trunk muscles in the lumbar pelvic area
• positive effects on the back, neck and head muscles
• mobility increase of the pelvis and spine
• better feel for balance
• boost of physical well-being
• activation of disturbed nerve and muscle connections
The BALIMO is also used in the neurological rehabilitation. Here the mobility chair is used for patients with the following clinical pictures and disfunctions:
• patients in a condition after a stroke who showed clear disorders of their balance feeling as well as their posture and symmetry
• patients suffering from MS or Parkinson with detrimental limits of their mobility and a decay of their muscular strength
• patients with slipped discs including damaged nerve roots
• patients, for instance after abdominal operations, to train their bladder function with pelvic gymnastics
Working with the BALIMO in neurological rehabilitation is based on three main points:
1. Improving the symmetry of the torso and the correlating ability to find the body’s centre:
A one-sided emphasis on the illness itself frequently leads to a malfunctioning symmetry of the torso with almost all patients. Causes are paresis, disfunctional sensibility or pain that provoke relieving postures.
2. Improved balance control:
Depending on the setting of tasks, the requirements of the nervous system to balance out the body in its centre vary.
3. Improved posture:
The higher the requirements of balance, the more automatic erection will be gained as this is needed for the conservation of balance.
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