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Radio Surgery with Automatic Switch-Off

Radio surgery with automatic switch-off for the treatment of snorers, the strengthening of lingual tonsils and the volume reduction of the nasal concha

During the last years, the treatment of snorers has become very popular due to the possibility to strengthen the soft palate with radio surgery and special electrodes. Every ENT specialist acting surgically should offer this treatment. The automatic switch-off fitted into the radioSURG® 2200 "A" offers security to the treating surgeon to dehydrogenate the tissue only up to the point that no burns and necroses will occur because the unit switches off automatically when a certain tissue resistance is achieved. ENT surgeons who already have a radioSURG® 2200 can update their units.

The automatic switch-off is only one speciality of the radioSURG® 2200 units. An additional connection for smoke absorbance is possible as well as for potential equalization for the use within the operating theatre. The radioSURG® 2200 is an adequate radio surgical unit which is working within the megahertz range and can be used for all operational techniques. Nevertheless, it distinguishes itself by an extremely low complete price.

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