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Meridian Life Science, Inc.

RSV for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies

Meridian Life Science, Inc. (MLS) manufactures infectious respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) for use in clinical, pre-clinical and research applications. In collaboration with Dr. John DeVincenzo of LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, MLS cloned by limiting dilution, an infectious strain of RSV (Memphis 37) from an original pediatric clinical sample.

RSV Memphis 37 has been used as a challenge virus in four clinical trials. In addition, a sister clone to Memphis 37 has been used in two successful trials of a RNAi therapeutic by Alnylam. The clinical grade RSV Memphis 37 was produced in Vero cells and passaged only four times post isolation.

MLS has produced a high titer Memphis 37 product that is suitable for pre-clinical studies. This product has high titer (107 to 108 PFU/mL) and has been shown to induce disease in mice, African green monkeys, and lambs. Recently, we’ve begun studies in the cotton rat model and hope to share those results over the next 2 to 3 months. The pre-clinical grade of RSV Memphis 37 was produced in HEp 2 cells, we also offer custom production in other cell lines (such as Vero, etc.). Again, the passage number for production of the pre-clinical product has been kept to a minimum to preserve wild-type virulence.

For more information including pricing and to request your samples of RSV for your pre-clinical or clinical studies, please contact us.

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