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ROTEM® - when minutes count to stop the bleeding

Acute bleeding in the operating theatre or at the ICU can have numerous causes but requires immediate action. Discrimination of surgical bleeding from a coagulopathy and a differential diagnosis concerning the origin of the coagulation disorder are essential because the respective corrective actions are very different.

The existing coagulation assays have limited resolution, barely predictive value and are rather time consuming (sample preparation, transportation, etc.) Therefore, in clinical practice, early targeted coagulation therapy is almost impossible. A 'blind' standard therapy might not stop the bleeding and serveral widely used therapeutic options (e.g. the transfusion of fresh frozen plasma or platelet concentrates) pose a risk to the patient. Additionally, untargeted therapy can become very expensive. With ROTEM® delta a major improvement is within reach.

ROTEM® thromboelastometry is designed to access clot formation and lysis by a reliable and fast method. The unique ball-bearing stabilizied techology enables operation of the system under instable near patient situations (such as on a trolley). It provides comprehensive differential diagnosis of the haemostasis disorder within 10-15 minutes. Its concept of monitoring and managing the haemostasis situation during the entire perioperative period aims for an early targeted intervention leading to less bleeding complications in the patient. ROTEM® analysis has therefor the potential to significantly reduce the transfusion requirements of allogenic blood products. An increasing number of scientific papers in peer reviewed journals document its application and cost saving effect.

At MEDICA 2007, Pentapharm GmbH presents the ROTEM® delta analyzer which was introduced four month ago and completed a technical update program. The fully integrated Thromboelastometry system has four channels and is touch screen operated. ROTEM® delta shows real time data and can be interfaced. The software has an extended help menu, enables overlays on running measurements and is fully compatible with the future single shot reagents. The most remarkable feature of ROTEM® delta is its ease of use.

The current set of ready to use ROTEM® system reagents comprises: in-TEM® and ex-TEM®, basis tests for heparin sensitive and heparin independant global coagulation assessment; hep-TEM® for coagulation assessment in heparinised patients and for diagnosis of a heparin effect; fib-TEM® for assessment of the functional fibrinogen and ap-TEM® for confirmation of a hyperfibrinolysis.

Pentapharm GmbH has a global marketing system for the CE marked ROTEM® in many countries worldwide. The company has started to restructure the Sales Organization in parts of Europe. Pentapharm GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001 / EN 13485:2003. The continously growing company was founded in 2000 .in Munich and has now been acting as independent since 1st July 2007.