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RL Solutions MEDICA debut features new nation-wide Incident Reporting System

Denmark deploys company’s RL6:Government application and becomes world’s first country with an accessible-to-all, national healthcare adverse incident reporting system

September 15, 2010, Toronto, Canada - First-time exhibitor RL Solutions, a well-established, Canadian-based developer of healthcare quality and infection surveillance software, will be unveiling its “RL6:Government” adverse incident reporting system at the 2010 MEDICA Trade Fair and World Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 17-20.

Recently adopted by Denmark, RL6:Government is a leading adverse event reporting application designed specifically to help government agencies and other regulatory bodies gain better insight into the healthcare incidents that affect both their hospitals and their citizens. RL6:Government enables the rapid collection of incidents, quick resolution of issues by the appropriate stakeholder, and dissemination of best practices for safety and quality of patient care.

The Danish government deployed the application with the assistance of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) specialists who have extensive experience working with the Danish Board of Health. The result was a national incident reporting system that both Danish caregivers and patients alike can use to report adverse incidents from virtually anywhere in the country.

RL Solutions will also present at MEDICA its “RL6:Infection” application, which automatically surveys hospitals for actual and potential infections. RL6: Infection enables hospitals to react more quickly to the serious dangers of infections, providing a safer environment for patients, staff, and the surrounding community.

“We’re actively seeking partners to help us grow the organization in the European market and enable countries and other large health jurisdictions to safeguard their healthcare systems just as Denmark is now doing,” says Colin Hung, the vice president of marketing and alliances for RL Solutions.

The company will be demonstrating both RL6: Government and RL6:Infection for the duration of MEDICA in Hall 15, Booth F33 as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion.

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RL Solutions designs innovative healthcare software for patient feedback, incident reporting & risk management, infection surveillance and claims management. At RL Solutions, nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients is what we do best. We have over 600 clients, including healthcare networks, hospitals, long-term care facilities and national governments. RL Solutions is a global company with offices in Canada, the United States,
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