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RL Solutions Debuts NHSN R5-Ready Infection Surveillance Software

November 9, 2010 (Toronto, Ontario) – RL Solutions, a well-established, Canadian-based developer of healthcare quality and safety software with over 600 successful implementations, will unveil the newest version of its infection surveillance software, RL6:Infection, at the 2010 MEDICA Trade Fair and World Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 17-20.

Built on Microsoft® .NET and Silverlight™ technologies, RL6:Infection helps Infection Preventionists (IPs) gain their day back by eliminating tedious administrative tasks. RL6:Infection automatically detects infection risks by performing active real-time surveillance (monitoring) of hospital systems. This allows hospitals to react more quickly to the serious dangers of infections. RL6:Infection creates a safer environment for patients, staff and the surrounding community.

The newest version of RL6:Infection, set for release in January 2011, will be capable of exporting data into R5, the latest format mandated by the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). With a click of a button, information collected in RL6 is formatted and packaged according to the NHSN standard. The software also offers contact tracing, which allows IPs to determine patient overlap and the extent of the spread of infections in mere minutes, instead of hours or days it takes without a system capable of performing this analysis.

Some additional highlights of RL6:Infection include:

• Calculated denominator data from the data it receives, which makes reporting much simpler and quicker
• Dynamic reports allow IPs to drill-down from high-level graphs to specific details using the up-to-the-minute data
• IPs can assign tasks related to infection cases and track them through to completion
• Organizations can choose a standard taxonomy or customize RL6 forms to suit their needs
• Lets IPs control and customize almost every aspect of their system including report dashboards, file controls and security settings
• Users can create private notes to remind them of important conversations or details

“IPs are vital to reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs),” said Colin Hung, Vice-president of Marketing and Alliances for RL Solutions. “They have such an important job and so little time and resources available to them. That is why we included features like contact tracing, to help reduce their workload. It is also why we made sure RL6:Infection is compliant with the latest NHSN standards: so IPs can spend their time actually preventing infections rather than on admin work.”

RL Solutions will also present its RL6:Government application at MEDICA. Recently adopted by Denmark, RL6:Government is a leading adverse event reporting application designed specifically to help government agencies and other regulatory bodies gain better insight into the healthcare incidents that affect both their hospitals and their citizens. The Danish government deployed the application with the assistance of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) specialists who have extensive experience working with the Danish Board of Health.

The company will be demonstrating both RL6:Infection and RL6:Government for the duration of MEDICA in Hall 15, Booth F33 as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion.

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