Desmon S.p.A


The Italian company “Smartfreeze S.r.l”, a part of "Desmon" Group, developed a system of distant monitoring and control of professional refrigerators named "Smartfreeze unit" (SFU). It is an electronic board in ABS case with a compact antenna, modem, microcontroller GSM/GPRS, SIM card slot and RS485 port for connection to electronic controller or directly to 4 temperature probes.

In case of failure or a critical alarm like temperature drops, power failure, dirty condenser, relocation (!), etc. the refrigerator sends SMS alert to authorised mobile phone number(s) and to the special website. The website contains operational data and events' history for every refrigeration unit. Moreover it is possible to change working parameters at distance by virtue of Web!
With those advantages SFU becomes an interesting tool for technicians and service personnel because it allows to receive detailed information about refrigerator' functioning without visiting a place!