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REKA Health Announces Blood Pressure Monitor Device, P500 for Home Monitoring


REKA Health today announced its latest innovation for mobile PHR, a next generation blood pressure monitor that capable of 3G and broadband network. The blood pressure monitor model, P500 is integrated with a bio-metric recognition via finger print of the patient will ensure the blood pressure data will be registered only to the user’s health records to eliminate data mix up among users. The P500 is intended to produce reliable long term blood pressure data and minimize the possibility of error when it is operated by patients at home.
Tan Kae Yuan, Founder and CEO of REKA Health said, “We believe the P500 will enhance the reliability and security of the blood pressure data from the various aspects of improvement when the blood pressure data is taken. We believe the P500 will much more error resistant and has better security to protect patient privacy."
The P500 is equipped with interface for connectivity using latest communication technology allows health data to make available to physician via the Internet. The link built with the device making a long term trend analysis possible via a cloud system located at The interactive features between clinician and patient are now available, for example, setting reminder remotely by Medical Center to remind the patient to take blood pressure reading.
The healthcare provider now can obtain long term data from patients under the same condition on the daily routine basis is believed to be beneficial to reflect the true conditions of patients. As a reliable data taken by patient from home has been a challenge to medical practitioner to believe in the data presented from the patient. The REKA P500 system presents a complete vertical system without intervention of the user, from the signal of the patient’s body to the doctor’s eyes.
The REKA P500 is a patent pending innovation from REKA Health, who is the pioneer in interactive health technology platform. Its platform serves as telehealth solutions for chronic diseases for home care. The company integrates the IT applications and biomedical engineering solution that made up of medical devices, application software, mobile Apps, cloud base web applications and Personal Health Record (PHR).

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