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REKA Pte Ltd

REKA Announced World First ECG Event Recorder using Smart Phones Apps

REKA Pte Ltd today announced its E100 ECG Event Recorder that works with a majority of smart phones in the market - including Android based Samsung and HTC phones, Symbian based Nokia phones, all models of iPhone and iPad, and Blackberry phones from Research In Motion.
The E100 ECG event recorder is an accurate, easy to use, and portable personal ECG recording device specifically designed for documentation of symptomatic arrhythmias and heart rhythm disturbances as pre-screening evidences.
Pocket sized and designed for outdoor use, the E100 records cardiac events with merely a trigger of a button. Its built-in audio and light indicators will assist the patient when the recording is being carried out. Patients can record events repeatedly as all records will be stored in the built-in memory and when convenient, the data can be uploaded to™, where healthcare providers can monitor, screen and feedback to the patients' mobile phone using SMS (text message).
“We believe the E100 is the world first ECG event recorder that is using Apps of many different phones to transmit recorded electrocardiograms to the patient’s healthcare provider.” Mr. Tan Kae Yuan, REKA CEO said.
The E100 operates in two modes, single-lead mode and multi-lead mode. Single-lead ECG measurement is captured by just placing both thumbs on obvious sensors on the device. This is intended for capturing cardiac events with as little steps as possible. In multi-lead mode, using the included ECG cable, a better quality ECG can be measured for more quality diagnosis. This is ideal for measurements with an assistant or recording routine checks. The E100 will automatically differentiate between the single-lead and multi-lead records.
After recording, the E100 can be connected to the PC through a USB port, or to a wide range of smart-phones (with their respective cables), to upload the patient's ECG measurements to™. The uploading applications for the smart-phones are available online and there is no additional software required for uploading using the PC.
“REKA has developed all the applications needed for many models of smart-phones and will make them available on the related application markets (like Android Market, Apple Appstore and Blackberry Appworld) to download for free.” Mr. Tan said.
The E100 is currently going through CE (Conformité Européenne) MDD (Medical Device Directive) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US) approval processes and REKA expects to make the E100 fully approved by these regulatory bodies early next year.

“The design and innovative approach of the E100 is impressive, and the ease of use and convenience to the patients compared to the conventional Holter is most gratifying,” said Prof. Dr. med. Markus Rothenburger, at the Westphalian Wilhelm’s University Hospital in Muenster, Germany. “Dual mode of the E100 encompasses both valuable heart event recording and accuracy. The E100 has broken through the conventional methods of communicating with physicians - it works with the latest technology of mobile phones and allows physicians to review and provide results back to the patients in the shortest possible time.”

Designed with the capacity to store up to 480 measurements, and a 12 day battery life, the E100 is ideal for travel. The device also has built-in encryption to protect the patient data during measurement and transmitting.
For additional information on the REKA E100, please access REKA Pte Ltd, main operation in Singapore, is the developer for H’andy Sana and other mobile ECG series of products. Its Internet address is