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QuickGene-610 by Fujifilm: DNA-Extraction now even possible from larger volumes

Successful product range of the Life Science sector is being expanded

QuickGene-610 is the name of the new nucleic acid preparation system now presented by Fujifilm on the medica exhibition from November 16th to 19th in Duesseldorf. The successful series of the former products QuickGene-800 and 810 will thus be expanded by an innovative product. Now high-purity nucleic acid with even bigger yield can be prepared from even larger samples – fast and automatically.

Compared to QuickGene-800 and QuickGene-810 QuickGene-610 allows a ten-fold starting amount, a fact that had been demanded frequently. Whereas the other Fujifilm systems extract nucleic acids from a maximum of 200 microliter sample volume, the new model is able to process up to two millilitres of blood, so that correspondingly bigger amounts of nucleic acid may be achieved. That is why a considerably bigger number of subsequent tests and analyses are possible. Too small starting amounts for the examination of the genes are therefore no longer a problem.

QuickGene-610 works with the same technology as the other QuickGene systems: A special membrane patented by Fujifilm with a now enlarged surface makes sure that nucleic acids may be extracted with a high yield and without contamination. The compact and light-weight table model allows comfortable use even in the smallest laboratory – with no centrifuge being necessary.

Apart from the room-saving table model QuickGene-610 also features the appropriate kit for the isolation of nucleic acid. With the QuickGene DNA whole blood Kit S six samples of two millilitres each can be processed within only a few minutes. The extraction is convincingly simple and comfortable: The cartouche if filled with the sample, you select a programme and start the application at the machine. Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH will sell QuickGene-610 all over Europe. Apart from the QuickGene DNA whole blood Kit S more additions are being planned for.

Düsseldorf, November 3rd, 2005

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