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Queen’s Award for SLE Ltd

France, Italy, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Mexico, Argentina… quite an international roll call – and just some of the 70 or so countries where SLE Ltd’s products have found their way in the past few years.

For the South Croydon-based company has been actively building an extensive export business that has just been recognised by a Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. Employing some 70 people, during the period 2003 to 2008, SLE increased their export turnover from £2.1m to £7.7m with significant successful orders from Kazakhstan, Japan, Iran and Russia.

Specialising in designing and manufacturing intensive care life-support equipment for premature babies and infants with breathing difficulties, SLE’s products have pioneered new technologies for over 30 years. From being the pioneers of neonatal Patient Triggered Ventilation (PTV) in the early 1980’s, to the introduction of combined HFO (High Frequency Oscillation) in the 1990’s, SLE has maintained its position of leadership in neonatal ventilation.

The company’s guiding principle has always been to support clinical and nursing staff in their everyday work. A baby’s lungs are the last organ to develop so problems with underdeveloped lungs are a feature of a high percentage of premature babies. Caring for these babies is a job that demands very high precision products that work reliably round the clock: something of which SLE is very proud.

The SLE team is delighted with the achievement of the Queen’s Award, and it is seen as recognition after years of hard work developing innovative new products and a network of professional distributors throughout the world.

“We have invested heavily in finding and training specialist distributors throughout the world,” said Bernard Nelligan, Managing Director of SLE Ltd. “Selling an item of life-support equipment puts a special responsibility on everybody in the company to develop and produce only the best quality products. It has to be right every time. Every one of our employees has contributed in some way to us achieving this award.”

Martin Pearcy, Director of Sales added, “SLE was the only UK manufacturer of neonatal ventilators and with over 70% of the UK market the only direction for expansion was abroad. Our growth has meant that this year we are launching two new major products that we expect will give our customers something to be very excited about.”