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Quantitative Real-Time PCR for Tumor Cell Characterization

The close international cooperation with research institutes and clinics has a long tradition with the biotech company Eppendorf AG; especially with the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), where the company was founded 60 years ago. Even today, highly developed lab devices and technical application support are provided to the UKE.

For example, the Center for Experimental Medicine at the Institute of Tumor Biology of the UKE is carrying out work on, among other things, the detection and characterization of potentially metastasizing tumor cells from blood or bone marrow samples. In past years it has been demonstrated that the detection of these tumor cells in blood and bone marrow offers new prognostic parameters for carcinoma of the breast (breast cancer). These cells can be detected at a very early stage, even before the lymph nodes are affected.

It has been shown that the probability of being affected again by a carcinoma within a shorter period of time increases when these tumor cells can be detected in blood or bone marrow samples. This correlates with a reduced overall survival period. Therefore, the detection of tumor cells at such an early date could in future also have an effect on therapy and make it possible to design the treatment more effectively and, most importantly, to start with it earlier.

A focus of research at the Institute of Tumor Biology involves the further characterization and detection of these cells. To this purpose, primarily modern analysis systems and special devices from the biotech company Eppendorf AG are used for the isolation of the cells and for the subsequent molecular-genetic characterization.
The technical know-how of the Eppendorf AG, combined with the internationally recognized research work at the UKE makes ever more promising methods possible. For the benefit of humans. The devices can be viewed at the Medica.

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