Qingdao Bright Medical Industrial Park 20th anniversary of the press release -- MEDICA Trade Fair


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Qingdao Bright Medical Industrial Park 20th anniversary of the press release

Qingdao Bright Medical Industrial Park 20th anniversary of the press release

In this beautiful summer, Qingdao photoelectric medical technology co., LTD., ushered in the age of 20's birthday.After 20 years hard working, today photoelectric company reached a new milestone in the development process: Qingdao photoelectric medical industrial park for the morning.

People's government of Qingdao, Qingdao bank, bank of China, tsinghua university, zhejiang university, industry association, the industry tongren, financial, colleges, enterprises and institutions, the media leadership to attend to participate in the industrial park opened celebrations.

Qingdao photoelectric medical, chairman and general manager Mr Zhao Dezheng first speech, in his speech, Mr Zhao Dezheng said, "in this joy day today, my mood is very excited, long nose once made me forget the existence of time, and Qingdao photoelectric shard 20 spring, summer, autumn and winter, let me through the entrepreneurial suantiankula, 20 years, although took the best time of my life, but don't go with my passion, don't go with me the love of the medical device industry, Qingdao's bioelectricity photoelectric sensor is a niche area of medical apparatus and instruments, fresh for outsiders to know, have a belong to Qingdao photoelectric science and technology park, this is also our development plan, five years ago today, we took a step in this planning is greatly; draft does not forget to dig Wells, crossing the river by touching the bridge, the Qingdao photoelectric growth cannot leave the leaders concerned about 20 years, the support of friends, colleagues, even more to help in our life, in this I wish to thank, I would have said a lot today, but collect together is to thank you all! Thanks this time!"

The original shandong development and reform commission, director of LuXin throws the chairman Mr Zhao Kui speech, "I contact with Qingdao photoelectric medical in just half a year, but left a very deep impression on me, our company for many years, always adhere to the innovation and development, always adhere to high quality research and development of new product in the first place, and product technology at home and abroad, has a very high place, is also high, market share and share leadership team is also very hard with the enterprise, the development idea is conform to the requirements of the current development of enterprise."

Then, in the salute, Mr Zhao Dezheng, Mr Zhao Kui, Mr Zhang Yansen Mr, Gavin, Mr And ms Qi organ respectively, "Sergei photoelectric medical industrial park in Qingdao, bioelectricity laboratories, incubation center, r&d center, manufacturing center grand opening.

From as far away as Russia, Sergei Sir For Qingdao photoelectric medical greetings: "Qingdao photoelectric cooperation with our company has a very long history, many years ago when I was going to looking for partners in the domestic, heard that the company's products have a very care about us, this person is very good and very honest, proved, he has become my best friend. Over the years I enjoyed the cooperation with Qingdao photoelectric, that is the third time I meet with Qingdao photoelectric relocation, change more and more good, can't imagine how the next; wish Qingdao photoelectric business progresses day by day, and always will be our company Qingdao photoelectric partner..."

From all walks of life friend witnessed our Qingdao photoelectric this important moment, event lively atmosphere, everyone left behind the precious record on the site.