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QRS Releases New Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Opti 24-Hour ABPM

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA - (May 15, 2012) - QRS Diagnostic, a software-based medical device manufacturer, announces the release of the Opti 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor.

The Opti is an ambulatory blood pressure monitor which measures systolic and diastolic blood pressures of adult patients (13 years or older). The Opti monitor is worn on the waist and is connected to an OptiFit cuff worn around the non-dominant upper arm for a period of 24-48 hours.

The oscillometric method is used by the Opti to measure patients' blood pressure, sensing pressure waves in the artery when occluded by the pressure in the cuff. Measurement of the frequency of the pressure waves enables heart rate to also be measured.

OptiFit cuffs are accessories for the Opti ABPM designed for patient comfort with a stretch sleeve that holds the cuff in place for an extended period of time. Four sizes are available to ensure the correct fit, facilitating the most accurate readings.

Opti-Insight Software is provided with and drives the Opti ABPM, available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Diagnostic information reported by Opti-Insight includes all collected blood pressure readings, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, BP load and averages calculated for day, night and overall study. Organizing, evaluating, interpreting and reporting ABPM studies is simple and customizable with Opti-Insight.

QRS is proud to introduce the Opti ABPM. Timothy Lebens, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at QRS, states, "With a rise in diabetes, obesity and hypertension, the Opti is a vital device for QRS to have within our Cardio-Pulmonology Suite. More importantly, with the Opti, physicians are able to accurately diagnose and effectively treat these health issues."

The Opti ABPM meets the following standards: British Hypertension Society (BHS), European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH) and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) SP10. Additionally, the Opti is CE Marked and has US FDA 510(k), Canadian and Australian approvals.

For additional information about the Opti ABPM and supporting blood pressure products QRS offers, please visit www.QRSdiagnostic.com/blood-pressure.