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QRS Releases 3 New Devices Expanding Cardio-Pulmonology Suite

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA - (June 11, 2012) - QRS Diagnostic, a software-based medical device manufacturer, now has a complete Cardio-Pulmonology Suite offering for general practice, family practice and specialty care providers.

Over the course of the past month QRS has released three new devices, the Orbit Portable Spirometer, Opti 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and Q200/HE combination Holter and Event Digital Recorder, expanding their Cardio-Pulmonology Suite.

The Orbit is a full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your Personal Computer (PC), laptop or tablet via USB port. Accompanying Office Medic software and QRS spirometry consumables in conjunction with the Orbit portable spirometer simplify diagnostic testing with easy-to-use technology and by eliminating the need for sterilization and calibration.

The Opti 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and its complementary OptiFit ciffs are a complete solution for monitoring patients' blood pressure outside the clinical environment. The Opti interfaces with Opti-Insight software for quick programming, data retrieval and report generation. This system was designed for patient comfort, is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable data for diagnosis and treatment.

The Q200/HE is a combination 14-day Holter monitor plus 30-day Event recorder. It allows patients to be monitored outside the clinic for extended periods of time which increases opportunities to capture cardiac events, allows treatments to be monitored and enhances diagnosis. The Q200/HE interfaces with all four levels of Holter LX Analysis and LX Event software to review, interpret and report accurate data.

Timothy Lebens, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at QRS said, "QRS has introduced three new medical devices in the last 30 days, a wonderful accomplishment from our team. We will continue to aggressively expand our product line offering to complement our new, Cardio-Pulmonology Suite. The release of these three new products, the Opti, Q200/HE and Orbit, also enhances our global growth with increased value for our distribution partners."

QRS Diagnostic's product line expansion and global presence has fostered company growth as well. The current and anticipated future growth in collaboration with the continuing expansion plans allow QRS to add employees and continue to develop and expand their organization.

Delivering the best-in-class engineered medical devices while reducing the cost of care via less expensive options with superior performance for clinicians is QRS Diagnostic's objective. "QRS devices offer alternatives for care providers at 25 percent less expense and are profoundly easier to utilize and incorporate into the clinic workflow," Lebens stated.

All QRS devices are CE Marked and have US FDA 510(k), Canadian and Australian approvals.

For additional information about the complete QRS Cardio-Pulmonology Suite, please vist www.QRSdiagnostic.com.