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Q-Core Ltd.

Q-Core Electronic Drug Delivery Systems

Patented Multi-therapy Pumps Increase Patient Safety and
Improve Quality of Life for Patients

PETACH TIKVA, Israel – October 23, 2007 – Q-Core Ltd., a leading developer of Electronic Drug Delivery Systems (EDDS) for the Medical Devices market, today announced that it will present at Medica 2007 the latest version of multi-therapy pumps that merge hospital and homecare, improving patient quality of life and safety while decreasing cost of care.

The Q-Core line of multi-therapy pumps, including infusion pumps, enteral feeding pumps and veterinary infusion pumps, can be worn comfortably in a pouch in virtually any social environment and easily transported to the hospital where it is hooked into a cradle so hospital staff can monitor drug administration.

“The ability to begin a treatment plan at the hospital and easily transfer to the home could reduce length of hospital stays without compromising the quality of patient care and safety,” said Avi Katz, VP Business Development & Marketing of Q-Core. “The medical field is in constant search of technologies that will increase quality of care without increasing cost of care, and that is always our focus.”

Q-Core’s efc™ Technology (Electromagnetic Flow Control Technology), based on the principles of electromagnetic propulsion, dramatically improves flow accuracy and enhances the continuous nature of the IV flow, thereby increasing patient safety. With an exceptional infusion rate spanning from 0.1-1000 ml/hr, Q-Core pumps can be used for all patients, including infants, enabling hospitals to save on the extra costs typically required when purchasing various sized pumps and IV sets. As the first infusion pump on the market to employ this principle, Q-Core's efc™ Technology also has a unique ability to perform any linear or non-linear flow profile, in any physical orientation, increasing patient mobility and comfort.

Q-Core's detachable touch screen with intuitive programming capabilities provides a new level of simplicity and ease of use for patients who lack medical training. The user-friendly interface reduces the chances of error in configuration, while the Q-core event log, storing up to 5,000 treatment-related events, allows hospital staff to precisely monitor out-patient activity.

Q-Core's pumps include the uniquely designed Magic Straw™, a disposable module attached to the pump as part of the Administration Set, providing automatic anti-free flow protection and upstream/downstream occlusion protection. The Magic Straw is easy to install, and its design prevents incorrect installation of the tubing.

“The home-to-hospital enabling capabilities of our advanced efc™ Technology has resulted in the creation of our multi-therapy pumps that will transform the EDDS industry,” said Eran Resheff, President and CEO of Q-Core. “The industry-leading infusion rate accuracy, extensive event log span, ease-of-use, and flexibility make Q-Core pumps the next generation of ambulatory care.”


About Q-Core:

Q-Core Ltd., a privately held company founded in 1996, Q-Core underwent a major restructuring in 2004, from pure technology research and development into system and application development.

The Company has invested significant man-years of R&D into its efc™ technology and holds various U.S and foreign patents covering pump and valve applications.
Q-Core is a growing and innovative company leading the drive for new Electronic Drug Delivery Systems (EDDS). The company develops, manufactures, markets and sells highly reliable and cost-effective solutions for infusion and enteral feeding pumps for the hospital, home-care and veterinary markets.

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