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MTR+ Vertriebs GmbH


The Berlin company "MTR+" presents the electric acupuncture device PuntoBravo on this year's Medica as a completion of the newly developed Bravo-series for the first time.

PuntoBravo has been developed to identify acupuncture points and put electrical signals with the help of the point-electrode directly at these points. The medical knowledge of classic acupuncture technology is combined with the modern achievements of the electrotherapy in this device. One can identify the acupuncture points and trigger points exactly and then stimulate these treatment places painlessly with the help of certain programs of the PuntoBravo. A selective electric stimulation of single acupuncture points takes place only in the continuous mode. The current intensity is limited on at most 8 mA at this way of treatment.
The handling of PuntoBravo is very simple so that it can support a medical therapy effectively by daily own application. The treatment with the PuntoBravo is free of side effects.

In addition PuntoBravo offers 12 classic TENS programs, which can be used with normal surface electrodes in three different modes (continuous, modulated and burst)

For further information:

Juergen Dessau

Telefon: 030 669910-30 Email: info@mtrplus.com