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Pulsed Light Device of the Latest Generation - Beautytek ITPL: Also for Dark Skin

Pulsed light device for dark skin: beautytek ITPL

beautytek ITPL is the latest innovation in pulsed light systems and an amazing further development of the familiar IPL technology.

beautytek ITPL splits up the light energy into packages, like a train consisting of a series of carriages. The division of the energy has the advantage that in the intervals between the “train carriages” the skin cools down and relaxes more quickly than hair or blood vessels, because these lose heat more slowly. This is the requirement for the most effective treatment results possible. Due to this new technology beautytek ITPL can even treat the dark skin types V and VI, like Indian or black skin.

beautytek ITPL is applied for long-term hair removal and many skin problems like couperose, spider veins, rosacea, spider naevi, moles, pigment spots, liver spots and age spots. The operation of the appliance is very easy and safe thanks to the pre-programmed settings for energy and treatment duration: simply specify the hair type, and depending on the treatment, the hair type or blood vessel type. The program then automatically sets the recommended energy and treatment duration. Experienced users can also vary the settings individually.

beautytek ITPL is operated with a touch screen. Three ergonomically shaped handpieces with precision-ground Schott glass filter cover the complete indication range. More information: medilab GmbH & Co, Phone: +49 (0) 93 05 / 90 83-0 or www.beautytek.org.