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Pulse Wave Velocity: Strong Indicator of Cardio-vascular Disease

VICORDER: Pulse Wave Velocity

Since epidemiologists discovered Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) as a potent screening tool of early vascular disease, this parameter is has found increasing interest in clinicians as well. While PWV helps in the assessment of cardio-vascular risk it also predicts mortality in diabetes and renal failure patients. Most recently, this valuable parameter can be determined by the new VICORDER testing system in less than five minutes. During the non-invasive and entirely comfortable test the pulse wave is recorded simultaneously from the neck and thigh, offering a direct physiological measurement, without any parameter estimation as typically done by other instruments. The validity of the VICORDER determined PWV has been confirmed by a scientific study published by the renowned Vascular Research Clinic of Cambridge University.

Besides PWV, the handy VICORDER offers the automated evaluation of Ankle-Brachial-Index (ABI), a paramount predictor of peripheral arterial vascular disease. It also includes a battery of other diagnostic parameters needed in vascular medicine, epidemiology, and preventive medicine.

Via its USB port VICORDER can be connected to (almost) any standard PC. An additional power supply is not required. In combination with a notebook the instrument becomes an ultra-portable vascular testing lab that fits into a normal brief case, together with all accessories. The versatile device can be applied wherever and whenever it is needed, in the lab or point of care, even during home visits.
For enhancement of testing procedures all protocols are automated and animated by 3-D visualizations of anatomy and vasculature. User configurable tests allow adaptation to specific diagnostic needs. The VICORDER program package comprises patient record management and archiving functions. Reports can be printed locally or remote, in a pdf file or send via e-mail.

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