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The Diabetic Boot Company Ltd

PulseBoot with PulseFlow technology for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The Diabetic Boot Co in Aylesbury, Bucks, have invented a new form of removable offloading footwear for diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) sufferers.
PulseBoot® is designed to offload (reduce pressure) as well as the market leaders with the added value of using micro-chip data recording for patient compliance. It also reduces healing time for DFUs by increasing circulation by pumping blood, and looks more like normal footwear.

£650m is spent annually on DFU treatment and subsequent amputations. To date, the best way to avoid amputation is to keep pressure off the ulcerated area by using plaster casts and other splint-system footwear such as air-cast therapy. However, these are cumbersome, time consuming and unpopular. They also require regular (costly) patient visits to the clinic.
NHS supply chain listed PulseBoot® has a battery operated bladder incorporated into the sole of the shoe that gives 160mm hg pulse every 20 seconds on the plantar plexus in order to stimulate blood flow. Clinical trials are currently taking place at The Royal Free Hospital in London.
Supported by Professor David Armstrong, the shoes are supplied as a pair to reduce knee/hip/spine pain and improve stance. One shoe has the therapy attached and one is a contralateral shoe. Patients keep the shoes after treatment to wear as trainers.
The inventor Les Lindsay, is hoping to speak to anyone interested in discussing case studies.
Tel: 01296 678596 Email: les.lindsay@pulseboot.net Web www.pulse-flow.com