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Production Line for domestic glucometers starts in Irkutsk region

In the Irkutsk region, a new factory for the production of glucometers began to install equipment. Issue a device for measuring blood sugar levels and test strips to them will begin in the next summer, reports OTR.

The owners invested more than 600 million rubles in the plant. The Irkutsk Region Development Corporation partially financed the project, and local authorities presented tax incentives. Equipment for the enterprise was manufactured in Korea. In the production of glucometers, new technologies will be used that will reduce the cost of production. The company plans to sell glucometers twice cheaper than its competitors. The plant already has customers.

Yana Shevchenko, General Director of the Investment Development Agency of the Irkutsk region: "The manufacturer in Russia is the only one, it only holds 6.5% of the Russian market. Our project is only excellent for Russia, it's an export-oriented project. Overnight, the products will be exported".

In the spring, the personnel will start recruiting at the plant. The enterprise will employ 70 people: workers, scientists, specialists in high technologies.

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