Product highlights at MEDICA 2015 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Product highlights at MEDICA 2015

More than 4,900 exhibitors from more than 70 countries are ready to present their products to the visitors here at MEDICA 2015. We took a peek at this year’s product highlights for you before the official trade fair opening.

Photo: CardioSecur PRO; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
More and more people require mobile solutions, by means of which they can be provided medical care at home. With "CardioSecur PRO" for doctors and "ACTIVE" for patients, the first mobile 22-channel ECG systems are now available, having been developed for tablet PCs and smartphones. In contrast to similar units, they allow the entire heart to be monitored in addition to providing a direct interpretation of the results; MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM; special area, hall 15/ C46 - E60

Photo: Wearable; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
A completely new and highly current topic in the field of wearable technologies is the measurement of moods, which can depict an overall better picture of the wearer along with activity and sleep data, thereby including even more factors for measuring general well-being. In addition, Zensorium, co-exhibitor at the WT Wearable Technologies joint stand located in hall 15, will be presenting the products Tinke and Being – that are more than just new fitness trackers; Wearable Technologies AG; hall 15/A23
Photo: SE 80 SleepExpert; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
The best regeneration and energy source for people is still always restful sleep. Therefore, those who get out of bed in the morning feeling horrible should therefore find the underlying causes. The Frisbee-disc-like sleep sensor "SE 80 SleepExpert" by Beurer provides a very precise opportunity to do this and would also pass for a futuristic unidentified flying object from its looks.
Photo: "TCore"-Sensor; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
If the core body temperature of a patient sinks below 36°C before, during or after an operation, this can slow down the healing process. Temperature measurements in the bladder or the oesophagus of the patient have provided accurate readings up until this point. In contrast, the non-invasive "TCore" sensor can simply be sticked on to the forehead in order to continuously and accurately ascertain core body temperature;
Photo: Directly segmental bio-electrical impedance analysis; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
For specific prevention, precise risk determination is crucial. Thereby, recording body composition forms an appropriate basis. With the aid of directly segmental bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA), the latest body analysis equipment series by InBody records important elements such as health-relevant visceral fat or muscle mass, the quantity of water within individual body segments and the body’s mineral content; InBody; hall 10/H65
Photo: XotoCAM 1.0; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
Photography for documentation purposes has been a topic that has attracted little attention up until now. However, since quality assurance measures will gain in importance in the future, the "XotoCAM 1.0" by XotonicsMED could be suitable to fill a gap in the market. The digital camera was developed especially for clinical use (e.g. in operating theatres), offers good image quality and also meets high hygiene requirements since the surface can be completely disinfected; XotonicsMED; hall 10/D60
Photo: Acuson P500 – Frosk Edition; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
When every second counts, clear image quality means precious time saved. The newest member in the Siemens "Acuson P" family of portable ultrasound systems, the Acuson P500, Frosk edition, provides new technology for continuously sharp image quality, regardless of patient and probe motion. All movements that have a negative impact on image quality are compensated.
Photo: Invenia ABUS; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
With its new ultrasound system, Invenia ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System), GE Healthcare gives insight into a new additional screening method for early detection of breast cancer in the case of dense breast tissue. It offers automatic volumetric ultrasound scanning including image optimisation for generating an accurate and reproducible image which can be effectively analysed by the physician; GE Healthcare; hall 10/A42
Photo: BeneVision; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
With the world innovation "BeneVision", a rotating patient monitor, Mindray is presenting an expansion of its product portfolio. The innovative product in the field of monitoring solutions facilitates seamless patient monitoring and always provides for an optimum view (horizontally or vertically) of especially relevant vital patient data in the respective situation; Mindray; hall 9/A74
Photo: Avatar robot "Nao"; Copyright: beta-web/Stöter
At MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM a project is going to be presented in the exhibition areas that deals with how young long-term patients will not be losing contact to school friends even during their hospital stay and how they can participate in class. Within the scope of this Swiss project, the avatar robot "Nao" is the connecting element between school or home and the child staying in hospital. The connection is established over the Internet; MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM