Meridian Life Science, Inc.

ProCode™ Technology for Antibody Development at Meridian Life Science, Inc.

Meridian Life Science, Inc. (MLS) and Vybion™ have entered into an exclusive agreement to offer a stand-alone technology that represents a unique approach to screening a synthetic antibody library. These antibody libraries are created by combining a highly diverse collection of synthetically-constructed randomized CDR sequences that are further diversified by random lengths using a unique proprietary technique. The result is a solubility-optimized human framework scFvs (HuSelect). A number of techniques such as error prone PCR, either directed at CDR or flanking sequences, are also capable of generating additional diversity rounds.
ProCode Features:
- Rapid screening of libraries accomplished in days
- Multiple configurations to accommodate different targets
- Selection of domain specific antibodies by co-expressing a domain with the library to drive selection
- Optimal solubility leads to stable molecules for more efficient and cost effective manufacturing, formulation and delivery
For information about ProCode technology or a technical consultation to review your needs, contact Meridian Life Science at Michelle.Hill@MeridianLifeScience.com.

*ProCode is a trademarks of Vybion