Anetic Aid Ltd

Private clinics in Valencia and Sevilla buy Anetic Aid patient trolleys

Anetic Aid’s Spanish distributor, Madrid-based Hidemar SA, has recently sold X-ray and non X-ray versions of the QA3 Variable Height Patient Trolley to private clinics in the East and South of Spain.

Said Export Manager Ana Fuentes: ‘Our client felt that the trolley was not the cheapest, but it was the best – and they really liked the design.’

The trolley is one of lightest of its kind on the market. Among its special features are:
• Advanced steering and braking
• Pedal-operated hydraulic lifting mechanism
• Gas-assisted back lift – adjustable from horizontal to near vertical
• Hydraulic tilt mechanism for rapid but smooth Trendelenberg manoeuvres
• Vertically operated cotsides with added horizontal position feature
• K8 pressure care mattress - anti micro bacterial water-resistant, vapour permeable and latex-free