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The Binding Site GmbH

Prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade

Binding Site Queen's award 2010

Birmingham, 17 August 2010

Binding Site, a Specialist Protein company, won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2010, in the category International Trade, for its outstanding achievement in increasing export revenues by 74% to over £42 million/year in 3 years and selling more than 90% of its production overseas. Aggregate exports over this period totalled £96 million.

This exceptional growth is primarily driven by sales of Freelite™, a unique tumour marker for several bone marrow cell cancers, such as Multiple Myeloma, as well as AL amyloidosis and other B cell dyscrasias. Since the Freelite free kappa and free lambda immunoglobulin light chain assays were launched in 2000, sales have grown exponentially up to £20 million/year in 2009. New jobs have been created in sales, marketing, research and clinical education, both in the UK and internationally, to support this trade.

This is Binding Site’s 3rd Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The first was awarded in 1992 also in the International Trade category and the second award was in 2007 in the category Innovation, for Freelite.