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The New MEDICA LABMED FORUM focuses on the latest trends in laboratory medicine in Hall 18


The latest trends in laboratory medicine will be zoned in on and discussed at the new MEDICA LABMED FORUM at the world’s biggest medical trade fair, MEDICA, from 13 to 16 November 2017 in Düsseldorf.
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New southern section of Messe Düsseldorf: MEDICA also benefits from the renovation


The supervisory board and shareholders of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH have declared their approval, and thus the starting point has been reached for one of the most ambitious construction projects in the history of the company.
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COMPAMED 2016: Top platform for suppliers for building up business relationships with the medical technology industry


“Together we are strong” – this slogan describes the lively atmosphere and intensive programme of events at COMPAMED 2016 in Düsseldorf (14 – 17 November) perfectly.
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The winning app from the MEDICA App COMPETITION 2016 helps you maintain correct posture


A perennial highlight of MEDICA, the world’s leading medical trade fair, is the MEDICA App COMPETITION. Development teams from all over the world compete in a challenge to create the “Best Medical Mobile Solution”. This year, the victor was “Up Right”, a combination of an app and a wearable from a development team from Israel.
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MEDICA and COMPAMED 2016 provide a powerful stimulus for the international medical technology industry


Once again, the world’s biggest medical trade fair MEDICA and the leading international supplier trade fair COMPAMED, which take place in Düsseldorf, have provided a powerful stimulus for the international medical technology industry.
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The international health industry comes to Düsseldorf for MEDICA 2016 + COMPAMED 2016


Decision makers from all sectors of the international health industry meet again in Düsseldorf from Monday to Thursday. The world’s biggest medical trade fair, MEDICA 2016, and COMPAMED 2016, as the international leading trade fair for suppliers of the medical technology industry, take place from 14 to 17 November.
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MEDICA 2016 + COMPAMED 2016 from 14 - 17 November with over 5,000 exhibitors for the first time


When top decision-makers in the healthcare business meet in Düsseldorf again in the middle of November at the world's leading medical trade fair, MEDICA 2016, 5,000 exhibitors from around 70 countries will be presenting themselves once more as partners in unchanged enthusiastic innovation – offering tailored solutions for outpatient and clinical care.
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MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM addresses workable solutions


How are people responding to this innovation? In her presentation entitled ‘x-Health’, Prof. Dr Britta Böckmann, Information Sciences and Medical Information Sciences at Dortmund's University of Applied Sciences, will be looking into how current developments in the health sector could be focused on people and their needs.
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What will the health sector's networked future look like? The MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM to provide answers


Digital healthcare solutions deliver progress. What sounds trite on the one hand deserves a more differentiated consideration on the other. On each day of the fair, the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM – to be staged within the scope of MEDICA 2016 will be looking at what the networked future of healthcare will look like.
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COMPAMED 2016: The ‘mega-trend’ of digitisation has reached medical technology and thus also its suppliers


“Digitisation presents great opportunities for the healthcare sector in an increasingly ageing society in which a growing number people suffer from chronic illnesses. Digitisation can help diseases to be detected earlier, the duration of hospital stays to be reduced and people's mobility to be extended with the aid of tele-medicine, apps or care robots,” writes the German Medical Association.
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