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AMS S.r.l.

Presenting Our New Automatic Analyzer SAT 450

SAT 450 is a fully automatic, random access, bench-top, open analyzer for clinical and immunoturbidimetric assays. It is designed to support the modern, medium-high sized laboratory in achieving improved cost efficiency, reduced rerun, manual handling and results quality. Developed by AMS (Rome –Italy the SAT 450 analyzer along with LIASYS (330 t/h), ELLIPSE (130 t/h) and VEGASYS (100 t/h) chemistry systems, offer a broad range of instrument products that meet a variety of customer requirements.

Its sampling arm with a special coated, level sensing probe rapidly moves to 72 reagent positions (refrigerated) and 68 samples running up to 450 tests/hour. All sizes of primary tubes and cups are compatible. The SAT 450 has a flexible, multitasking software running under WINDOWS XP which supports the customer with automatic flagging of results and an autodiagnostic program. An overall example of our software effectiveness is the introduction of ANTIGEN EXCESS AUTOMATIC CONTROL which punctually detects the HOOK EFFECT in the IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRIC ASSAYS which avoids the risk of reporting false negative results.