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Presentation of the SparkWave therapy system urogold100

At the Medica 2016 we will present the new therapy system urogold100!

The innovative therapy system urogold100® provides a long-term effective and safe treatment for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), induratio penis plastica (IPP) and other urogenital indications.

urogold100® utilizes the biological effects of Spark Waves® to stimulate the self-healing of the affected tissue at cellular and vascular level. Spark Waves® encourage the formation of new blood vessels, the release of angiogenic growth factors and trigger – clinically proven – the migration of stem cells, which in turn increase blood circulation in the treated area significantly. The combination of all the mentioned factors leads to a long-term improvement in the erectile function and improves the sexual spontaneity and its associated quality of life of the patient.

urogold100® represents an effective and safe alternative to medical treatment of erectile dysfunction and it is also suitable for patients who have not responded to the medication.

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