Presentation of Defibrillator DefiMax Plus by EMTEL Company

DefiMax Plus
The leading producer of patient monitors and defibrillators in Poland introduces DefiMax Plus into the market. The Polish premier presentation of new clinical defibrillator took place on 30th September 2012 during the World Heart Day in Cracow.

New clinical defibrillator DefiMax Plus is the next generation of the DefiMax biphasic defibrillator which is highly recognized among medical staff. The device enables monitoring patient’s vital signs required by Hospital Emergency Ward. It operates both as a defibrillator and professional patient monitor with clear 6.5-inch display.

Besides the parameters monitored by the previous model (ECG, arterial pressure NIBP and saturation SpO2) the DefiMax Plus defibrillator enables additionally: measurement of carbon dioxide in exhaled air (CO2), measurement of blood pressure by invasive method, measurement of temperature and respiration. Moreover, AED mode is already available in the standard version of DefiMax Plus instead of being an optional choice in DefiMax biphasic.

As well as the previous model, DefiMax Plus, due to its wide range of available defibrillation energy (from 1 to 300J)and integrated accessories may be used both for adults and children.

- “We chose the World Heart Day for the first presentation of DefiMax Plus. On 30th September in Cracow each activity, movement and word were dedicated to Heart.” – says Waldemar Sliwa, the Managing Director of EMTEL company – “Each second is very important in life-threatening situations so we are developing and implementing new technologies in our products.”

The Polish premier presentation of the new clinical defibrillator took place during the World Heart Day in Cracow. EMTEL company participated in this event and our consultants examined participants’ hearts. We measured ECG, arrhythmia, blood saturation and pressure.

The world premiere of DefiMax Plus is planned for November, during Medica 2012 in Dusseldorf. From that date the defibrillator will be officially placed on the market and will be available to our customers all over the world.