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Premium Image Quality and Expanded Applications for Z.ONE Ultrasound Platform

Zonare Showcases Expanded Ultrasound Platform Portfolio, New Transducers and Advanced Software capabilities at MEDICA

Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov. 18, 2009 – ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., a developer of premium ultrasound systems, today introduced its new general imaging release for the ultra system here at the 41st Annual MEDICA, World Forum for Medicine, International Trade Fair with Congress, November 18-21, 2009 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany. The release includes new advanced software applications and transducers designed to deliver premium image quality and performance across a variety of clinical applications. New capabilities include contrast enhanced imaging studies, comprehensive elastography applications and 3D imaging.

“This latest general imaging release expands the value of versatility of the ultra system and brings premium image quality and performance to a single system across a wide variety of clinical applications,” said Cornel Schoelgens, managing director, Europe, Middle East & Africa at ZONARE Medical Systems. “Delivering new proprietary software and transducer technology, this release significantly improves clinical diagnostic imaging capabilities and further improves ergonomics and workflow features our customers have come to expect from ZONARE’s high performance, high value systems.”

ZONARE is also showcasing the new ultra sp system for the first time at MEDICA. The ultra sp builds upon the precedent set by the company’s flagship ultra system, offering superb image quality combined with a simple and intuitive user interface for a wider base of physicians.

ZONARE also recently announced that it had been ranked the third fastest growing company in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. Ranking third with a growth of 688 percent from 2006-2008, the list marks the second straight year the Company has been ranked in the Top 3. The Company also received a user loyalty rating of 100 percent in the recent KLAS Top 20: Year-End Report. All ZONARE customers interviewed for the ultrasound market report indicated that they would purchase a ultrasound system again.


ZONARE is showing as a works-in-progress a new feature for contrast-enhanced ultrasound studies of the liver and heart. Using contrast-enhanced ultrasound with ZONARE’s new C4-1 Curved Array abdominal transducer can offer additional diagnostic information in liver lesion assessment, by narrowing down the differential diagnosis, similar to contrast-enhanced CT of liver lesions.

In addition, ZONARE will also be showing contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the heart’s left ventricle using the P4-1c cardiac transducer. This application helps the clinician visualize the left ventricular wall and endocardium in technically difficult patients by opacifying the left ventricle with contrast, making it easier to evaluate wall motion.


The C9-4t is a tightly curved, small footprint, high frequency transducer that is ideal for pediatric head and abdomen imaging. The field of view offers up to 134 degrees of imaging with 2D frequency choices from 9-4 MHz, enabling superb imaging of neonatal to larger infant body types.

The C4-1 transducer is a small footprint, curved array transducer designed by ZONARE’s acoustic engineers to address technically difficult-to-image patients. It offers physicians improved access and imaging performance resulting in increased penetration (up to 30cm) with sensitive Doppler imaging. All ZONARE customers worldwide have access to this new technology on their current ultrasound platform.

ZONARE is also showing its new solution for high-frequency, high resolution imaging. The new L14-5w Linear Array transducer offers broad bandwidth for improved imaging of small parts, breasts and superficial anatomy. It has a 55 mm wide field-of-view, which can be expanded further using ZONARE’s Virtual Apex Array technology.


The ultrasound system now features new elastography applications for breast imaging that enable qualitative visual assessment of the mechanical stiffness properties of tissue. The high resolution elastography images are generated and visualized using a variety of grayscale and colorized maps and all linear transducers are supported. Clinicians using the new applications report that this technique may provide significant new diagnostic information.

The comprehensive 3D ultrasound imaging capabilities are also available for the ultra system with primary applications for obstetrical imaging during the second and third trimester. The new C8-33D curved linear transducer offers mechanical sweep array, 3D fetal surface rendering, 3D Multi Planar rendering and additional diagnostic tools. The new 3D imaging capabilities are also available for general abdominal ultrasound imaging. ZONARE’s 3D ultrasound imaging expands the clinical utility of the ultra system and may reduce exam time, enabling physicians to spend additional time on patient care.

ZONARE’s ultrasound system is a premium-quality, Convertible Ultrasound™ platform based on proprietary Zone Sonography technology. Clinicians are able to easily convert the system from a full-featured, cart-based system into a premium compact ultrasound system without sacrificing image quality or performance. In addition, the system’s software-based architecture allows its performance to continue to improve as greater processing power becomes available. System upgrades can be downloaded over the internet.

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif., develops, manufactures and commercializes premium ultrasound systems that combine its proprietary technology with an innovative physical design. Zone Sonography technology, ZONARE’s unique patented approach to ultrasound imaging, is focused on bringing premium image quality, performance and features to a wide range of clinical settings. Additional information can be found at


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