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Practice-Centred Space Planning from the Very Beginning

The new “TruTops Visual” software allows Trumpf Medical Systems to advise customers even more comprehensively in planning operating theatres and intensive care units. Thanks to numerous software functions such as true-to-scale views and a large choice of equipment elements, hospitals can have their work areas designed and equipped in accordance with practice and ergonomically; it is graphic, quick and flexible. In this way, it is not just workflow that is optimised from the beginning. The intelligent software offers the hospital investment security by helping to identify ideal space utilisation already on the screen, recognise bottlenecks in time and avoid planning errors.
The designer of a space aims for the most ergonomic placement of furniture and equipment possible. This is particularly true for operating theatres and intensive care units, where inconvenient space distribution, misplaced movement patterns or deficient freedom of movement quickly impede the workflow. With the TruTops Visual 3D planning software, decision makers in clinics and hospitals are already involved in the planning stage. "The fact that they could see an operating theatre with realistic, true-to-scale spatial relationships and in different views and equip it convinced our customers from the start, “says Luigi Cesca, product engineer at TRUMPF Medical Systems in Great Britain. "That way it is much easier for them to determine the best placement of the inventory and make their workplaces as ergonomic as possible.“
If it is a matter of furnishing existing rooms, the TRUMPF consultant works with the customer to set up a realistic, true-to-scale 2D or 3D representation of these rooms, including doors, windows and even laminar flow ceilings. Then, thanks to the intelligent software, the consultant can insert all TRUMPF Medical Systems products, such as OR lights, tables and ceiling pendants, but also accessories from other manufacturers such as C-arms, infusion stands or anaesthesia equipment. Every object can be displayed from any angle, placed anywhere, moved, adjusted and turned – until the best position and configuration in the room are found. TruTops Visual can even insert virtual physicians or nursing staff into the layout so as to depict a realistic work situation. This allows the consultant to detect where the interplay between human beings and technology will be too tight, and in turn where planning of distances, radii and configurations will be needed – down to the ideal length for ceiling pendants in working and parked positions.

If the rooms themselves are still in the planning stage, they too can be simulated on the PC in different sizes and shapes so that the room and the equipment can be matched perfectly to one another in advance. The customer receives the design for the space in the shape of a pdf file, including all dimensions of the room and the equipment. An exact description of each product completes the 3D overview. "This way," says Cesca, "all requested changes can be quickly and simply implemented right up to the end." This is how TruTops Visual is useful for investment security: as precise planning helps avoid poor decisions and saves long term costs.