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Power your performance

Power your performance

You deliver top performance every day. Measure us by the same standard


We want to support you in doing so in the best possible way. This calls for more than just cutting-edge technology. We strive for long-term relationships built on trust and for partnerships which provide support from the very beginning. Because we understand your requirements and see things through your eyes, we are able to tailor our products and services precisely to your needs.

Openness to your wishes. A progressive mindset. Reliability in all that we do. Such values allow connections to evolve which make top performance possible. Hand in hand for the benefit of your patients.

Always innovating. We simply cannot stop.


Over 120 R&D specialists, more than 400 active patents and some 20 intellectual property applications for inventions submitted annually show how strongly we drive innovation. Our product development process strengthens interdisciplinary cooperation to more quickly deliver high-quality innovations to you.

Our latest development is the VIO® 3, which sets new standards with its user-friendliness and intelligent software. And our innovation pipeline is brimming with even more ideas - which is what you should expect from a technology leader like ourselves.


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