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Positioning Made Easy: Solutions Devised by TRUMPF

Positioning Comfort

The Federal Office for Statistics has determined that fifteen million operations were performed on inpatients in Germany in the year 2010. That means: an operating room had to be readied fifteen million times. In fifteen million instances, the nursing staff was faced with the task of putting the patient in the right position for surgery.

“For surgical interventions, regardless of the discipline, correct patient positioning is an absolute prerequisite, to insure that surgeons have the best access to the operating area. That simplifies their work. At the same time, positioning has to be aligned with the patient’s needs and must avoid injuries resulting from being in a certain position for an extended period,” says Steve Weiner, Head of Product Management for patient management solutions at TRUMPF Medical Systems. Bed sores, nerve damage, and joint / muscle lesions are to be avoided at all costs. “And it must be kept in mind that positioning patients by hand can mean strenuous physical work for the surgical staff, something that should never be underestimated, since it could in fact result in health problems,” Weiner adds.

Flexible operating tables for every discipline
The modular and mobile operating tables and operating table systems made by TRUMPF provide the perfect basis for patient positioning, for every surgical application. Combined with any of a number of components and accessories, this medical equipment manufacturer offers patient positioning concepts, specific to the application, to suit the needs of a diversity of surgical disciplines. At the MEDICA 2011, TRUMPF is showing new patient positioning pads and a variation on the operating table, one that is suitable especially for brachytherapy.

Cushions for rock-steady positioning
Special pads make for positioning that is stable and prevents injury. Those pads can keep the patient in the desired orientation, firmly but gently, as may be required by the details of the operation. TRUMPF is offering the new positioning pads in cooperation with a Danish company, Simonsen & Weel. The pads are sealed in fabrics that stretch in two directions, helping to minimize the pressure and shearing forces on tissues. The material contains no latex, is compatible with the skin, is breathable and waterproof. The covers can be cleaned either by hand or in the machine to satisfy stringent hygiene rules. They can be washed at up to 95 degrees Celsius. The fabrics are color-coded in six shades, indicating which pads are used for any given position. The surgical staff can then reach directly for the blue pads, for instance, when the patient is to be placed in a lateral position.

Operating table for brachytherapy
With a one-piece seat panel and low overall height, the new version of the MARS operating table is the ideal assistant in brachytherapy – before, during and after seed implantation. Special carbon-fiber reinforced elements can be conveniently attached to both sides of the seat plate and moved under motor power. This makes it possible to take 3D images during the operation, without having to reposition the patient.

Operating tables for heavyweights
Performing surgery on bariatric patients requires tables that will help reduce exertion for the surgical staff when moving overweight patients into the prescribed position. The TITAN mobile operating table can do what its classical name promises. It is engineered to handle patients weighing as much as 450 kilograms. The motor-driven chassis can be used to move the patient, already on the operating table, into the surgical theater. Joints incorporating electric motors and featuring precise adjustment capabilities simplify the work of the entire surgical staff. The TruSystem 7500 can carry patient weights of up to 360 kilograms. Numerous configuration options, extreme adjustment ranges, and the most modern technology can quickly turn this operating table system – the recipient of many awards – into a multi-function, “jack of all trades” in the operating room. Its remote control feature can be programmed individually using a touch screen. In this way table positions can be stored and called up again, both quickly and easily.

Extension unit for hip surgery
In the fields of orthopedics and traumatology, the extension unit with MIS-hip-device can convert the TruSystem 7500 into a specialist for hip operations. The extension unit is attached to the operating table; the patient’s feet and calves are affixed firmly and comfortably in the traction boots. Special struts and the MIS-hip-device make it possible to rotate, flex and abduct or adduct the patient’s leg. Thus the patient is put into exactly the position required for the next step in surgery. A thickly padded countertraction post ensures that the patient is held securely on the table as the lower extremities are moved. The surgical staff will find that handling is simple, carefully controlled and – above all – at minimum effort. CFR plastic components make it possible to take 3D X-rays during the operation, even in the pelvic area. The traction unit can be mounted on all TRUMPF operating tables in the TruSystem 7500, JUPITER and TITAN series.

“The measure for our operating table designs is the human body,” says Weiner. “This is true especially for the demands that patient positioning involves. Operating tables, accessories, and components are engineered to position patients in the best possible manner, to offer the surgeon the best possible access to the patient, and to offer the surgical nursing staff the best possible support during its work.”