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Portable Thermal Printer Range of Applications Expanded

‘Linerless Label’ increases versatility and performance
Able Systems Ap1300 Series high speed mini printers are now more versatile and feature a number of options which further increase productivity. The ‘Linerless’ label can be printed and cut to any length to suit individual requirements. Perforated stock is available by special order which allows the printer to recognize the Black Mark on a pre-perforated label so printing stops at a given range or length. ‘Linerless’ labels are available in virtually any colour, with or without perforations.
The use of proprietary technology and mechanisms allows the new StickABLE printer to dramatically increase the range of applications it is suitable for. With up to 60% more labels per roll not only can the cost per roll be significantly reduced, but also fewer changes are required. This translates into savings, thanks to reduced storage requirements and lower shipping costs.
Featuring a high speed, high quality fixed head thermal mechanism, the Ap1300 Series already delivers very high quality text and graphics at 8 dots per mm, and is small enough to be held in the hand. It has a strong case design that eliminates hinge stress while still allowing for the insertion of a label – or paper – roll with just one hand.
Typical applications for the Ap1300 StickABLE labels include: warehouse shelf edge labels, automatic identification and other industrial applications, PDA printing, test and measurement equipment and medical patient and systems labels or indeed anywhere a custom permanent or removable self adhesive label is required. Any length of label can be printed, long or short one after the other, further increasing flexibility.
Individual character sets can be chosen by software selection, and customisation of character fonts by the user is also possible through the use of the Font Editor Utility software, available separately. Dimensions are 65 x 95 x 128 mm (HxWxL) and weight 446g including a full label roll and battery. The Ap1300 series prints 384 dots per line at up to 60mm/second.
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